Gadwin Rockmer Quick Start

The learning and practice software for guitar players

Gadwin Rockmer is the ultimate software dedicated to the beginner as well as the advanced guitar player. It is aimed at helping the user progress, compose, or simply accompany himself with the guitar. Here is what Gadwin Rockmer offers you:

A multitrack score editor focused on tablature. It's easy to use, includes most notation symbols and it's specifically designed for stringed instruments;

It allows you to view and listen to the song, with an accurate rendering of guitar effects, and an optimized display for the computer screen;

Tools aimed to assist the user on a day to day basis, such as the digital guitar tuner, the chord diagram tool, the scales tool, the fretboard display and more;

Various Import/Export which give you the opportunity to take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of scores available on the Internet in other formats;


Understanding Notation

Reading Tablature

Rhythm Notation

The Time Signature

Using Gadwin Rockmer

Main Window

Audio Configuration

Open a Song

Create a New Song


Key Signature

Time Signature

Triplet Feel

Track Settings

Add Tracks

Manage Bars

Repeats and Alternate Endings

Enter Notes

Managing the Triplets


Accidentals (sharp, flat, natural)

Add Symbols

Add Lyrics

Bar Labels

Play the Song

Metronome and Count Down

Save and Import a Song

Jam Space