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Translator's guide

Please use this Translator's Guide if you want to help us and translate Gadwin PrintScreen to your native language

I.   Getting the needed files and setting all up


Rename Your_language.lng (in the same directory as Gadwin PrintScreen.exe) to the name of your language using Latin alphabet (e.g. English.lng, Dutch.lng, French.lng). Open this new file in any text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad). Your text editor must meet the following requirements:

- ability to save text in Windows encoding, if your language contains non-Latin symbols;

- ability to save the edited file as plain text;


Translate all the text below the text in square brackets to your native language.

NOTE: The first line must be maintained as-is, or the file will not be recognized!

NOTE: Blank lines and lines starting with '//' or ';' are ignored.

NOTE: You must restart Gadwin PrintScreen for changes in this file to take effect.



Compress the translated .lng file with any archiving software and send the packed version to












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